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Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is a series of eye and vision related problems that occur in some people who spend long periods of time in front of a computer monitor.

Causes of Computer Vision Syndrome

In addition to spending a prolonged amount of time in front of a computer screen, some of the following conditions have been found to contribute to the cause of CVS:

  • Insufficient lighting
  • Computer screen glare
  • Improper distance from the monitor
  • Slouching posture
  • Vision problems that have gone uncorrected
  • Overhead venting of air

These influences can overburden the normal focusing and movement demands on the eyes, resulting in strain and ultimately CVS. Those who spend two or more subsequent hours at a computer every day are at the highest risk for CVS.

Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome

Some of the symptoms of CVS may include the following:

  • Headache
  • Blurry vision
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Red eyes
  • Fatigue
  • Eye strain
  • Dry eyes
  • Double vision
  • Inability to focus

The symptoms of CVS often worsen the longer the individual uses the computer.

Diagnosis of Computer Vision Syndrome

After a thorough medical examination of the eyes, diagnosis of CVS may be confirmed after some of the following diagnostic procedures are conducted:

  • Patient medical history
  • A measurement of visual acuity
  • Refraction
  • A test of the focus power of the eyes

Treatment of Computer Vision Syndrome

If CVS is diagnosed after a comprehensive eye examination, your doctor may prescribe eyeglasses to be used during computer work or vision therapy, which is a series of exercises designed to improve the coordination of eye movement and focusing.

Prevention of Computer Vision Syndrome

  • Get a comprehensive eye exam
  • Minimize glare and reflections on the computer screen
  • Use proper posture
  • Adjust your computer display settings
  • Blink more often
  • Take frequent breaks
  • Move the computer screen so that it is an arm's length away
  • Wear eyewear for computer work
  • Reduce the need to refocus on your screen by keeping materials close to the screen
  • Make sure that the eyes are not exposed to air vents or drafts



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